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Short description about GsPDF

Graphical User Interface for Ghostscript


GPL open source

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Information about GsPdf

Required additional software

Software features




Source code

Addon software


Directory structure

Program Flow


Information about GsPdf

The Software GsPdf can be used to create Pdf files.

Sorry at the moment GsPdf is only available in german and in english language.

It works together with following Operating systems  
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Citrix, Windows Terminalserver 
( not recommended NT40 and Windows Vista -  runs with bugs )

GsPdfConfig is a graphical user interface to install and uninstall  Redmon and Ghostscript as well as a Postscript printer driver.
All required settings are stored in a Configuration file GsPdf.ini Additional GsPdf gives the possibility to analyze the document content.
After this the Pdf file can run through different working processes.   

You can use the GsPdf Software also for education to see how Ghostscript works. 
To study the command line Parameters which were executed by GsPdf just set the Debug mode to 64.

The AddOn Tools can also be used as Stand alone Tools in other projects.
For example there is a tool to upload the Pdf  by smtp, or another tool to upload in the user home directory by ftp.
There is a tool to merge Pdfs together. And also a GUI Tool which can be used for Pdftk to add Logos in the background of the Pdf.
If you want to know how to develop a Tool with Delphi to use Lotus Notes OLE, then take a look at the Add Ons  
GsPdfNotesConfig and GsPdfNotesUIConfig.


Required additional  software

GsPdfConfig -  GsPdf requires the following additional Software 

The software Ghostscript will do the work to convert the Postscript into a PDF file. Ghostscript has to be installed to create the Pdf file.

The  Software Redmon redirect the print stream from the  Postscript Printer to the standard input of  GsPdf. GsPdf will save the Postsctript file then.
After this GsPdf calls Ghostscript to convert the postscript file into a PDF file. The software PdfToText is needed by GsPdf optionally, to convert the
Pdf file into a ASCII TXT file. to analyze the document content .


Software features


File download:

SVN: Subversion Access

The GsPdf Subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:
svn co gspdf

For details about how to check out with svn see also

For example you can use the software Tortoise SVN  to download the GsPdf source.

The CVS repository is no longer available because i have changed to svn.
If someone still need the CVS files write me a email.


Is done by Setup-Gspdf-V1001-win32.exe

Die Installation does the following procedures:

If GsPdfConfig is running the first time, the following Key will be added to the registry:

this key saves the path to the current GsPdfConfig.INI configuration file.

When running GsPdfConfig.exe this key will be checked,  this way GsPdf knows that the software has been allready installed.


GsPdf is available with GPL Open Source Licence.

For additional used Software you have to check the License agreement! The user has to  take response to do this by himself!

Limitation see  DISCLAIMER.TXT in the GsPdf working directory. 

Source code

Download of the GsPdf Source Code

GsPdf was build Borland Delphi 5. To edit and compile the GsPdf source code, you have to install the open JVCL Library. 

JEDI VCL 2.00 Final for D5-D7

Addon software

GsPdf uses the following additional Software:





Directory structure

\Addon\                                        Delphi Source Code

\Dialogs\ GsPdf                          Error messages and Hint dialogs 

\install\RedmonEE18\                Redmon 18 Setup - RedmonEE18 unzipped

\install\Redmon\                          Redmon 17 Setup - unzipped

\install\GPLGhostscript\             GPL Ghostscript Setup - gs856w32.exe 

\install\PostscriptPrinterDriver\ Postscript Printerdrivers

\Log\                                            directory for GsPdf Logfiles

Program Flow

Create Pdf with Ghostscript

Pdf with content parsing

Pdf with Logo and security settings

Pdf upload with FTP

Pdf with SMTP

Pdf with Lotus Notes on Domino Server

Pdf with Lotus Notes local

Pdf with Lotus Notes UI - User Interface

Pdf with MAPI

Legend - Pdf delete local files